On-Site Services (Commercial Clients)

There is no better place to get a good sense of how technology should work than in the environment it needs to work in. And sometimes it’s simply too inconvenient to take your devices out of the office. That’s why many of our services are tailored of on-site service so we can fully understand your needs and what role your technology needs to play in powering your business.

Hardware and Software Sales

We know how difficult it can be to sort through all the comparable details, configurations and features when acquiring new technology. That’s why we’re here to help. Starting from a needs analysis and taking you through your options, our team gives you the hands-on guidance to match the right tech with your organization’s needs.

Hardware or Software Setup & Configuration

Acquiring new technology can be an exciting time, but it’s usually overshadowed by the daunting task of setting up, configuring and installing all of the associated software and connection points. We can come on-site to make sure your technology gets setup correct, the first time.

Network Design & Configuration

Most companies have already taken advantage of the power of intranet (internal) networks, but many are still using inefficient and lagging networks. Bring our team onboard and we’ll design a network that works, configure your access points and ensure your plan is sustainable and scalable, as your needs change.

Scheduled & Preventative Maintenance

Let’s face it, our businesses run on technology and we need that technology to keep working efficiently so it can empower us and not drag us down. Keeping your technology running at optimal levels doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. We’ll develop a schedule that works best for your organization and visit your site(s) regularly to keep your business moving.

Disaster Planning, Recovery and Simulation

The only constant is change, and your technology isn’t going to keep running for ever. Computers, Smartphones, Laptops, networks – they all fail at some point. We know this so we want to help you plan ahead by having a disaster restoration strategy that gets you back up to speed with as little interruption possible to your business. But, if your business does suffer a critical failure, we can help get you back to operations. Lately, we can run schedule disaster restoration simulations to ensure your backups and support systems are doing their job.

In-Store Retail Services

Is it easier to bring your devices to us? Need to a more hands-on approach to purchasing your technology? Then come and visit us at 121 Montreal road and let our team provide you with the expertise only long-standing local technologists can.

Hardware & Software Retail Sales

Do you prefer to get your hands on technology before you buy it? We understand. Come by our retail store and we browse the different devices an technology before you buy. Our in-store experts can handle any of your questions and provide he level of support you expect from your local computer expert.

Hardware Service, Repair & Technical Support

With so many moving parts, it’s no wonder how our devices get muddled up with issues, viruses or simply breakdown. Bring your device by our store and we can see what it’s going to take to get your technology back up to speed and working for you. Leave it in the hands of locally trusted experts.

In-Store Service Pricing

Estimate Fee – $35.00

Minimum Labour (bench) Fee – $35.00

Data Transfer from old computer to new – $70.00 (Additional software installation maybe extra)

Malware/Spyware Cleanup, System Clean up – $70-$105

Operating system reload/updates/drivers- $70.00